Founded by Darren Blowes and Katrina Kourinos, BLOKK Property Australia is a niche land marketing and sales agency, specialising in property and land development.

We deliver a complete range of services to owners seeking to develop land parcels and provide a range of investment opportunities for property investors.

We are a licensed real estate agency providing high-calibre marketing and sales that cater for a broad selection of buyers. Our clients range from first home buyers to astute property investors, seeking to build their capital base, through smart purchasing and by unlocking the potential of englobo development sites.

We are highly experienced and professional, yet very hands on. We understand the complexities required to manage the entirety of end-to-end development solutions from initial feasibility through to the approvals processes, financial structuring, marketing and managing the end land sales process.

We are highly collaborative liaising with all stakeholders including owners, developers, builders, government agencies and local councils in order to facilitate a highly efficient and streamlined process.

We work at the coalface and are in tune with market conditions, understanding the socio-economic realities in any given area. This means we know what types of estates will work in order to sell, whilst at the same time bring maximum financial yield. This not only relates to the structural development but all aspects including the streetscape, environmental considerations and the general ambience and style that are suited or provisioned.

We work very closely with builders in that regard, advising on specifications and the commercial circumstances, to ensure that the development type, style and pricing align with current market sentiment. Our sales people also ensure that builders are kept up to date with our land releases and blocks available for sale to ensure we link land to buyers in an optimal way.

In short we are immersed in the diverse components to facilitate successful land development from concept through to sales. We ultimately work towards bringing buyers and sellers together whilst working closely with the consultants and relevant stakeholders to achieve the best outcome possible.

See our Blokk Service Model.